Just a reminder that the Grand Rapids 4th of July Fireworks will not take place on July 4th.  This year the Grand Rapids fireworks take place on Saturday, June 30 starting at around 9:00 pm on Pokegama Lake.  This fireworks event started 34 years ago by Grand Rapids resident Leo Burley who offered his licensed pyrotechnic services.  Burley passed away this March at the age of 82 so that left the city faced with having to find another pyrotechnic.  Several fireworks groups were contacted but all were booked for this July 4th.  People can still watch from the lake or at the Pokegama Golf Cour

From the ICTV Archives

Each Wednesday at 5:30 pm and Saturday at 3:00pm, ICTV plays programs from the archives on the Public Access Channel. Coming up on Saturday, June 2, we will be replaying the 2017 Reif Dance Spring Show, “Sadie of the South Sea.” The following week, June 6 and June 9, will feature the Grand Rapids Players 2017 Summer Theatre Kids' Performance. Keep an eye on ICTV’s schedule to see what’s coming out of the archive next.