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Itasca County Attorney Forum

ICTV will be airing the Itasca County Attorney's Forum on its public access channels. Held at The Blandin Foundation on August 1st, residents of Itasca County heard local candidates John Dimich, Ellen Tholen, and Matti Adam on a variety of issues including sexual assault, child protection, drug crime and more. The forum was sponsered by Advocates for Family Peace, Eldercare, and Support Within Reach. This program will air on August 3rd at 5:00PM.

Dueling Keyboards

All summer long, ICTV will be airing the 2018 Summer Concert Series on its Public Access Channels. This week’s concert is, “Dueling Keyboards”. Performed at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, this concert features four classical pieces performed by Emily Rudquist and David Lim on the organ. The 2018 Summer Concert Series airs every Friday at 7PM. Be sure to check ICTV’s schedule for more air dates and times in the future as well as other concerts featured throughout the summer. 

2018 Elections: Candidate Close-Ups

ICTV will be airing The 2018 Election Candidate Close-Ups program on its Public Access Channels. This program features a close-up of the candidates running for State and County elections this November. Candidates were invited to the ICTV studios to speak about their campaigns. Elections featured include: Itasca County Commissioner, Itasca County Attorney, Itasca County Treasurer/Auditor, Itasca County Sheriff, Minnesota House of Representatives, United States Senator, and United States Senator Special Election. Minnesota Primary Elections are on August 14th, 2018.