November 15, 2018

ICTV will be airing Forest Lake and Cohasset Elementary's 3rd and 4th Grade Class performance of Freddie the Frog and the Jungle Jazz on its public access channels. The Forest Lake Elementary performance will air on Friday November 16th at 3PM and Cohasset Elementary's performance will air Monday, November 19th at 7:30PM. If you would like to purchase a copy, please visit our new online store to purchase your copy.

November 09, 2018

Each Wednesday at 5:30 pm and Saturday at 3:00pm, ICTV plays programs from the archives on the Public Access Channel. Coming up on Saturday, November 10, we will be replaying the Grand Rapids Area Library Program, “Understanding Judaism.” The following week, November 14 and November 17, will feature the Grand Rapids Area Library Program, “Spirituality: The Native American Path.” Keep an eye on ICTV’s schedule to see what’s coming out of the archive next.